Who we are

IASIS Technologies was established in 2007 by professionals with extensive experience in the field of Radiology. The company operates on a global level by distributing almost all diagnostic equipment and consumables giving special consideration to MRI and CT.

In 2011, we strengthened our corporate presence in Europe with new offices in Romania.

In 2012 our headquarters moved to Thessaloniki in a strategic move to better cover the Balkans, investing in owned warehouses, with numerous turnkey parts and a specialized Warehouse Management System to minimize handling time.

In 2013 we proceeded in collaboration, and we are now the exclusive dealers in Greece and Southeastern Europe, with Claymount Assemblies BV, which is the manufacturer of SmartBucky ™, a pioneering, innovative and globally unique system digitizing analog mammography.

In 2014 we developed our own innovative and sophisticated family of software solutions covering most of the aspects of radiology diagnostic centers and/or clinics (i.e. innoPACS, innoWEB, innoVIEW, innoRIS, innoPUBLISH and innoPAPERPRINT). We have also invested in facilities for constructing our own Faraday cages.

In 2015 we have further expanded our presence in the Balkans area with offices in Belgrade Serbia.

Today, IASIS has a company-owned spare parts warehouse and the best quality GE© and Siemens© parts are always available at very attractive prices. Our inventory is managed by dedicated warehouse software for fast delivery and control.